Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Homework Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 19

Homework - Essay Example a states that under some circumstances like writing formal letters, school work or letters to an individual’s boss or teacher need to be written without taking a shortcut. This is because people like bosses or teachers should be impressed. She states, â€Å"Your webbish ways can sometimes make you look dumb† (Brockenbrough, 150). Furthermore, Martha gives an example of a competitor in the Olympic who wears a swimsuit and it is okay while the same man can not wear a swimsuit at a public mall and fail to be arrested by the police, since it is awkward. On the other hand, Martha argues that shorthand is acceptable in some places because lack of shorthand makes an individual look out of place. Places that shorthand is acceptable include chat rooms, internet and instant messaging. Martha says â€Å" †¦you run the risk of sounding hopelessly out of touch if you are in a chat room or using instant messaging software and you do not shorten things here and there† (Brockenbrough, 149). This further evidenced by the example of an individual hailing a taxi in full since the word ‘taxi’ is a short form taximeter cabriolet. â€Å"My guess is that anyone who does that will not catch anything more than puzzled looks† (Brockenbrough, 149) states Martha. Conclusively, shorthand is acceptable as it is unacceptable, it depends with the context. When writing on the internet and chat rooms, it is acceptable. Conversely, when writing to a teacher or a boss it is

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